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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Actually, I babble daily at work in support of open source. And I have finally helped convince our system administrator to lose the Windows network bullshit in favor of Linux! At long last, I will be able to work on a stable, robust network!

So I wasn't actually knocking Open Source as a concept. My take on this was that AmigaOS is still an owned copyrighted piece of work that has been developed by people who earn a living programming. And they are very likely good at what they do. The OS would surely benefit from Open Source treatment, but at this time it is part of a machine that is attempting to commercially offer an alternative OS based upon a design superior to what we use today. I'm not gonna be stand-off'ish about AmigaOS for its being commercial and not Open Source, which was the way I thought Frederic's tone was suggesting.

And no, AmigaDOS will mosty likely not do what 1.3 did for the A500 back then. Everything was different then. The fact that history will not repeat itself really doesn't mean much. By that same token, things are also different in the PC and Mac world, as well. I'm a retro person, too, and the past always looks better to me. But I need to use a real OS and OS4 looks to be, for me, my brightest possibility to rise above the PC mire I am presently immersed in.
Glad to hear you weren't knocking open source. If only I was that lucky at my workplace... here its windbloze all the way. I'm the only linux guy here ...

The past does indeed look better too me too... *sigh* .. I like you take on OS4, will be interesting how that shall evolve.
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