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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
So what's the point in it then? Seems pretty pointless to me.
Maybe you've just misunderstood what the setting does. It's not used to plainly scale the image, it's to enable all pixel information of the set resolution to be output. Try setting it to lowres and boot into your hires Workbench or CLI and you'll see that it effectively cuts away half of the pixels.

If you set it to super hires it will take super hires pixel information into account and output a 1280 pixels wide display. Since you've only used hires modes there's no super hires pixel information, and it appears as a plain 2x horizontal scale to you.

Enable super hires, normal line mode, go into filter settings and use the null filter with 1x scale, set horiz. size to 1x and vertical size to 4x, and you'll get a nice and large picture that will show all pixel detail if you ever run super hires apps.
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