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I cannot believe it, the person that made Alien Fish finger????? WOOHOO WOW!!!
God, was one of the nice games i ever played, was just pity that was a bit short.

I remember Hydrozone, think maybe i played it on a Golden amiga games disk or similar.
Was a bit hard for me XD.

Anyway Wow, so as we can see, the persons that had faith on Amiga are still here,
The dream continue survive guys, are these moments that im not shy to admit, that
i leave a tear, when things like this happen! REALLY NICE!! THX!! THX!!!
Hope one day also we can find some other rare games like Astar Land in Flames

DjCruicky YOU ARE A GENIUS! You are one of columns that show that exist person like us somewhere in this earth filled with console games too much different from
the Amiga Dreamers remember.

P.S. I dont have anything against Playstation, XBOX, WII, but many times i prefear
play game like Sensible World Of Soccer, Celtic Legends, and some very nice made
PD&Shareware Games
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