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Hi all, yes itís here. You asked for it, and you now got it.

I made a few changes too. See change log below.

Change log.
v1.0 First release 1994

v1.02 Nov 2010
* Changed licence from Shareware to Freeware.
* Updated documents.
* Added a continue from level 4 option if a player dies beyond that point.
* Made changes to health. If a player crashes into a few walls one after the other, only the first hit takes the full energy from the playerís health bar. Hits after that only take a little.
* Changed some of the in-game text.
* Hopefully fixed the speedup and slow down problem on accelerated Amigaís ie 030, 040ís etc. Some parts of the game were running twice as fast as it should have. (un-tested sorry as I donít own one of these)
* Recompiled code with AmiBlitz3. (Originally programmed with BlitzBasicII1.7)

All the above changes I did on an Amiga Emulator on the PC. Iíve not been able to test these on a real Amiga, so all I can say is fingers crossed Iíve not added lots of new bugs .

Download from Download Link

I made a YouTube Video too-> [ Show youtube player ]

There is also 'Speed Racer FX' on the disc too.
Hope you enjoy.

DJ Cruicky

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