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at the moment the top-end i7 980's are nearly twice the performance of the Phenom II series - this is compounded with better memory bandwidth - however at 3.5 times the price - its not really cost-effective.

A Top end Intel Core i7 980x Extreme (Gulftown 32nm), 6 Cores, 3.33GHz, QPI 6.4GT/s, 12MB Cache, 130W, Retail box = £728 on its own - hence the entire machine above and you get £100 change!!

I believe that a top-end AMD solution comprising of
AMD 1090T Black (OC) edition (6 cores / 9MB cache) @3.2Ghz
8GB of 1666Mhz DDR3 in dual chan mode
2x Nvidia GTX480's

will have a lot to say against the price and performance of an i7 980 build

3DMark 2006 highest benches (44,xxx) comprise of

ASUS Extreme Motherboard
Intel i7 980
Radeon 5870

the entire top 20 have this build, I am please the machine I built over two years ago for under £250 attains 10,581 in 3DMark2006 - so thats a YAY!

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