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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
I really enjoy playing Call of Duty 4/5 online now, with my new Graphics Card (I say new its about a year old - GTX 260) I hit over 150fps! I really wish I had that back in the day when these games first came out! My old 8800GTS was ok for about 60fps so not all bad, I could still own peeps
I still have my Core i7 940 PC with a pair of Radeon 5850's in Crossfire.... not sure how many fps i get with this setup but i know it's quite high with most games running at max detail and a resolution of 1920X1080

I've had this PC for well over a year now and it's been great! The only game that can slow it down is Metro 2033 with everything turned up to the max... I don't know of any PC at the moment that can run this game silky smooth and maxed out at the same time

My next gaming PC is going to be built around the AMD Bulldozer next year
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