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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Arcadey flight combat sims (not really sims at all but fun) that dont let you take off and land.

The most fun part for me is not blowing up the 30 oil refinereries, a school for the blind and a puppy orphanage while shooting down 300 bogies with my unlimited missiles but crashing trying to land at the end.
Well said! I've lost count of the amount of reviews I've read of modern flight 'sims' just looking to see if I can take off and land. Almost always you can't. I hate it when they just start you mid-flight. Totally ruins any kind of immersion. I suppose we were spoiled by the genious of Interceptor! Damn you Dinner-man!! :shakesfist:

As for what annoys me in games, I'd say just a general lack of originality. It's always been a problem, but I think it's even worse now. That along with the fact I've been playing games for yonks and I've seen it all before, but seriously, c'mon!

I'm also tempted to defend Magic Pockets, which has been slagged off, but it's a lot harder to defend than Gods. Anyone that slags Gods is talking out of their arse!
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