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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Arcadey flight combat sims (not really sims at all but fun) that dont let you take off and land.

The most fun part for me is not blowing up the 30 oil refinereries, a school for the blind and a puppy orphanage while shooting down 300 bogies with my unlimited missiles but crashing trying to land at the end.
Fucking awesome. You deserve some kind of prize for that.

I totally agree.

"Ah here he comes, the hero who saved the day"

"Hang on, what the fuck..."


"I'm sorry madam, your husband died because he flew his plane at the floor a bit too steeply".

Originally Posted by Amiga Forever View Post
Devil May Cry 4....I spend Half Hours killing those two damm BITCH womens( FROG BOSS LEVEL!) but I have gave up in the end!!!

It would be nice to know how i get them and make the frog boss come out and it is hard game!

P.S. I have finished DMC 1 and DMC 3(Both best DMC I have play on PS 2!)

That boss was pretty easy I thought. I really enjoyed the game up until you change characters and then you pretty much play the whole game in reverse again (with worse controls). Boo.
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