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Thanks for the screenshots - particle man has been added to the latest top ten arcade game section - I will use the polymorf one when I do the top ten puzzle game page which might be next or follow on after shoot ems.

In terms of my amiga background - I got my first Amiga as a teenager and was a frustrated game designer. I entered the Amiga Power design a game competition and was a runner up winning a copy of AMOS- I tried to implement the game using SEUCK as I was too lazy at the time to learn AMOS - The game was called Blob - which isn't great but I was only 16 when I made. I then made a few more SEUCK games which I sent to pd libraries and got various PD games back in exchange -Fast forward a few years I got a CD32 as I was interested in retro gaming - I booted up an Assassins PD compliation cd and was surprised to see one of my SEUCK games. I then started searching for the others out of nostalgia and found that it was really difficult to find PD games disk images - I then started getting PD Cd disks such as 17 Bit and United PD and got hooked on re-playing the old games I used to play as a teenager.

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the website so far as various great games have been recommended to me. Originally I thought I would struggle to get a top 20 games list, but soon it became a top 50 and I am confident that a top 100 is possible without having any stinkers.

Thanks again to everyone for helping with suggestions and recommendations.
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