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What to keep?

I'd really like some advice and help figuring out what to keep.

I now have:

A4000 060/128mb - that's a keeper
A1200 + Overdrive - no floppy drive
CD32 + SX1 - no PSU, so don't now if it works or not, but have a spare MB
A2000 - battery leakage on MB, currently not working
A600 - no floppy drive
A600 - no floppy drive and not working
A500 + 512kb - rev 6.1
A500 - rev 6.1
A500 - rev 5
A500 - rev 6.1 - not working

I really don't what to keep them all, and am having a hard time deciding.
My first Amiga was an A500, so I guess I should keep one of those. I also want one for my game room, but should that be an A1200 or the CD32 AND an OCS/ECS Amiga? I also wanted to grow up my son, with an Amiga (he's 8)... Aaarg

What would you guys do?
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