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Originally Posted by everblue View Post
I am thinking of getting an A1200 soon to play WHDLOAD games. Will the 030/28 Accelerator be enough or I better wait for the faster version?

We developed the ACA1230-28Mhz specifically for WHDLOAD users who want to play their favourite games without much hassle. The processing power is more than enough, thanks to the fast memory interface, and with 64MB ram, you can set up a very nice Workbench environment.

The ACA1230-56Mhz will be the card for people, who want something faster than their old Blizzard/Apollo/MTEC 1230 cards and keep the compatibility of a 68030 CPU at the same time.

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I remember hearing that some Amiga 1200's had problems with some accelerators??
Don't worry, we have various A1200 board revisions here to test the design.

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