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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
>The end result is a feature set somewhere inbetween OS3.1 and 3.9 however 3.1 is still used as the _base_ of our goals.

Thanks THB.

But your excerpt just confirms what I was saying.

So it's basically OS3.1 with some but not all OS3.5/3.9 enhancements. Similar to the situation with OS4 - they started with ancient OS3.1 and still not all OS3.5/3.9 enhancements have been incorporated - but at least OS4 has ReAction, if I was using AROS I'd be stuck with crappy GadTools or awful MUI.
I tihnk that you might be getting caught up on whats going on here Minuous -

We are discussing KickROM not Operating System

There are NO official 3.9 KickROM's these are CUSTOM - tailored to the hardware target that uses them.

OS replacements / updates can come later

As much as I am not an MUI fan - when properly setup its pretty good especially on limmited ECS machines-

I wont hear a bad word about GadTools (I love gadtools) well usually I replace everything in code anyway - but hey its a great bit of prototyping software for me. =)

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