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Ok, Akira i have an better understanding of what is the AmigaOne (only a specification for an software OS), but then what is the photos that i have seen about at: ?

Just an other pc compatible with AmigaOne specification ?
If this is the case, then it is not worth it, just keep my pc.
My pc is an up-to-date hardware quality an is certainly ok for the AmigaOne.
You are right, the press release from Amiga Inc. is not very clear.
For me: 'AmigaOne - The Newest Amigas based on the revolutionary Amiga Digital Environment. ' will say a new hardware Amiga and not a software Amiga.

For the futur use of my Amiga it is very simple, i will do everything what i do with my pc.
Playing , programming , internet surfing and read forums
Writting my letters an many others things

If i can use it with my pc hardware, i will mount all my pc peripherals in my Amiga an the pc tower go back in is box.

About the internet, i have seen site that are created with an Amiga and is perfect compatible with IE5, but the majority of internet are created for IE5 or Netscape.
Is there any problems to acces to this site like the use of plug-ins or java scripts ?

If you say that an Amiga 1200 (version with or without an hd ?) is enough if i set it up in a tower case, wich model of tower case must a buy (with the most possible extension for futur if possible, and a big tower if possible) ?

For the Amiga OS 3.9, i have order it a week ago for use it with WinUAE (i know that whas not absolut neccessary, but i like the Amiga you know ), i am waithing for it now.

For an maximal use of my Amiga, what memory and cpu do i need ?
128 Mo or 256 Mo of ram ?
What type of memory is it sdimm at 100 or 133 ?
What hd space do i need for a full install for the Amiga OS 3.9 ?
I know that the Amiga OS is smaller, but i sûppose that if i need the OS + the interner explorer it will take like 250 Mo of hd space (with the swap space for the OS i suppose).

I remember that the OS 3.1 whas on 4 or 5 disks, (and no swap space needed), but now 10 years later, the OS is on cd-rom, it must be taken a lot of hd space for a full install !
With the Amiga 1200 can i use internal zipdrive ide of 250 Mo (in a tower case !) ? Is there drivers for it from Iomega ?

Can i use 3'5 HD ide ATA 100 of 40Gb with it ?

With the 1200 can i continue to play with the Amiga 500 games or must i buy an emulator Amiga 500 for the Amiga 1200 (i know that sound stupid but the roms/wb are different and the chipset too !).?

For programming i like very much the assembly language, but on Amiga i had started learning it ( with devpac 2) 2 months before i sold it.
After 10 years a certainly must start from scratch !
I had Amos + Amos 3D original box, now it is freeware.

If Khephren can give me somes link, i will then directly go see it , and look what i can do in programming with an Amiga

Thanks for your help
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