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Originally Posted by Awol View Post
I've got a British 1200, but I'm in America. Right now I'm using my laptop as a screen for the Amiga via a low-quality USB composite video capture device. I think it'll work for tracking and module-listening, but will probably be too laggy for demos or games. What's the cheapest way for me to get my Amiga working with TVs over here? (Or Atari/Commodore/PC monitors, but preferably TVs).
I prefer PAL systems as they are less of a hassle when playing games. You can either get an Indivision AGA when they are re-released (or get one used) to plug into a VGA monitor or buy a cheap multisystem TV off of Craigslist. The former is how I display my A1200 and the later I use with my CD32.

If you ever want to part with the PAL Amiga to look for an NTSC one, let me know.
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