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It's great to be here in EAB, all the people wishing to help others...
Thanks to both.

I've installed the key and it worked perfect. Later I will upload a photo. At first I thought it would loose quality, as I was watching it on the program, but it's perfect.

I only had an extrange problem: I installed it and it told me something like unknow datatype... and couldn't open a png file ... but if I was opening it before I believe (I believe because I installed it in two different CF HD). In the other HD I opened it perfect and made the conversion. Later I tried to add the datatype to the CF were the program was having problems, but even with a total change of datatypes from a CF to the other it keeps telling unknown datatype. It opens .iff, but not png.

Well, extrange thing, I have to take a look carefully.

Thanks again

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