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Originally Posted by RMK View Post

Just to confirm. Is the 56MHz version definatley going to be produced for sale?


Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Why else would I announce it here? It will take a while until we have finished the register interface for the ACAtune tool - that's what's holding the unit back at the moment. Also, the supply of 50MHz CPUs is limited. No release date until "it's done". The hardware basis is the same as for the 28 MHz version.


Sorry, I got the impression from your post 284 that it was not a certainty.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Nothing is set in stone about a faster A1200 version. I don't know if I'll release the faster version, what speed it'll be and what the price will be. I focus on Xmas business and that consists of the two cards I just mentioned.

I'm trying to get an old 1200 up and running for one of these and an indivision.
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