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I don't think I could add to some of the excellent comments about the 2D gaming,& 8bit/16bit computer scene that everyone has already said about.
Although what's been said about programmer's not "hitting the hardware" anymore seems sadly quite true. It use to be a challange once to see how far an individual machine could be pushed,now its a case of,"which latest whizz-bang console/3D gaming card can handle this game most easily". They don't try to push the existing machine to its limitations,they merely dump it & go instantly for the newer technology without trying.

But in relation to Djay's posting,I have a question for the WinUAE developer's. What do they regard as being the finite "final" version of WinUAE? One that handles all of the technical specs of the "classic" A500/2000/3000/1200/4000 in emulation?
Or would it be a WINUAE that handles those function's and adds on emulation specific features?

I'm just curious what Toni & the other WinUAE guy's "ultimate goal" will be for the project?
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