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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
Sorry to bring this up again, but Amigakit supply a Boot Disk with their PCMCIA transfer kit, i'm not sure if this boot disk is EasyADF or something else i need.

My question may have been answered in the 1st reply.

But i just wondered, is all i need to start writing to floppies a CF card, PCMCIA adaptor and some DD floppies, as well as ADF writing tools of course? Or will i need a bootdisk in order to get access to programs such as TSGUI and other adf writing tools on my CF?

You need a boot disk which contains drivers to access the CF card. Once you have access to the CF card you can load the ADF writing tool or anything else you need from the CF card.

The AmigaKit boot disk is probably the most convenient way to get such a disk. From the answers given here, I suppose that the CF transfer boot disk already contains EasyADF, you don't need to buy it additionally.
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