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I enjoy breaking seals! I love collecting games with goodies and love to watch every little detail of them. You can feel the experience from a third party perspective at 7.30 in this youtube, where you can watch me unsealing an old Apple II text adventure while people try to convince me not to

[ Show youtube player ]

One of the last seals I've broken was this Mac copy of Zork Trilogy, just to see that little beautiful thing inside:

Last Amiga seal I ripped apart was this copy of Demoniak:

... so I could see there was actually an Alan Grant-Matt Wagner Judge Dredd comic inside .

Imho, "feelies" (as extras used to be called at Infocom's) are, as the name implies, to be "felt" (and lovingly cared for by dedicated collectors).

So don't be afraid, step ahead, break the seal!

EDIT: Not Matt Wagner, but Jhon Wagner, of course, my memories mixing everything! ^_^'


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