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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
So really the only way to be able to write adf's to floppy is to buy easyADF? As thats the only way to get the drivers for a CF card?
Sorry I thought you asked if you need anything else other than the EasyADF Disk to write ADF's.

Yes there are other ways you can do it, but it seems like they might be a bit too complicated for you. EasyADF is about as simple as it gets but you could also:

Fit a CF-IDE Hard Drive inside you Amiga, boot a simple workbench from it with the CF PCMCIA Drivers installed and write ADF's, everything is freely available from Aminet.

You could also Boot into workbench via a Workbench Floppy and using an external Floppy Drive with another Disk that has the drivers/software from Aminet on to mount the CF and write ADFs.

You can make a Boot Disk from the tools/drivers on Aminet that does everything, which is essentailly what EasyADF is (although the software is their own)

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