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Originally Posted by Amir View Post
Could you please explain what can we do with this ?
Would 3.1 kickstart execute faster this way ?
Kick3.1 is a 512K kick and can be copied from rom without a restart, or (if you only have a 2.0 rom) it can be re-kicked with the ACAtune tool. Re-Kick always requires a re-start.

1M kickstarts have never been released officially. These are community-generated roms ("custom" if you will) which include the OS3.5/3.9 patches - plus maybe a little more (I've seen that Cosmos is frequently releasing great stuff on Aminet, so he's not only good at soldering!).

WinUAE has been supporting these "new kickstarts" for a while, but until now, there was only some tinkering-hardware that allows using 1M kickstarts. The ACA cards are the first to fully support 1M kickstarts "off the shelve".

Originally Posted by Amir View Post
Or for 1.3, and games compatibility ?
For 1.3 compatibility, the ACA cards can map fastmem to 0x00c0.0000, and for backwards-compatibility with (badly coded) games, you can even reduce the amount of chipmem to 1M or 512k.

I don't know what the status is regarding 1.2 compatibility - Oliver and I were talking about it, but it would require switching off the onboard IDE controller. AFAIK, we dumped the idea, because there's nothing (serious) that it would be good for.

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