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French solution/proposal

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The statement was made in respect to the context of this thread. I was not commenting on your private skills and abilities to repair Amiga hardware.

You are not an Amiga business - Individual Computers are referring to registered companies selling the new accelerator who can also provide SMT rework as part of their service proposition to their customers once they purchase the A600 accelerator.

Resellers need to provide the full after-sales support to customers in lieu of their margin they make from selling Individual Computers products and having the facilities and technical skills within the business is part of that.
But we could fully accept that Cosmos buy the card to the resellers and install it?
But without warranty for the customers. That's a risk that I could take.

I was wondering a solution where I can send my A600 motherboard directly to the person who bought ACA card and install it. That would be easier.

I know that's there are not so many Amiga shops nowdays but if there's only one, prices for installation could become very high.
With two shops or physical person, prices could me more balanced.
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