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>060 super speed it is an urban myth like the ufos

The CPU 68060 itself is really super fast... But on Amiga, he have :

- super slow fastmem FPM memory access (and no EDO for all accelerators, except the Quikpak)
- fastmem memory access 2:1 (040@40 have 1:1)
- two integer units rarely fully used (need hand asm code for using this superscalar "option")
- super slow chipmem access
- super slow code done by C compilators for near all progs, except some rare demos
- Kickstart 3.1 still compiled with -m68000
- exec.library and his jmptable in the slow chipmem with the SSP
- super slow AGA blitter and super slow blitter Kickstart 3.1 routines
- slow buster/Zorro2 or 3 for RTG graphics cards
- no external cache L2
- no Akiko for fast c2p
- hypra-ultra-supra-slow 68060.library (for emulated mnemonics)


You must think a bit before posting

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