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From the Aros wiki FAQ

Why are you only aiming for compatibility with 3.1?

Well, to be honest this is a misconception. The base development is aimed at implementing the apis used in "atleast" AmigaOS v3.1. However along the way it has been necessary to revise the plans somewhat where amigaos3.1 didnt support the necessary functionality. The end result is a feature set somewhere inbetween OS3.1 and 3.9 however 3.1 is still used as the _base_ of our goals.
What is the relation between AROS and Haage & Partner?

Haage & Partner used parts of AROS in AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9, for example the colorwheel and gradientslider gadgets and the SetENV command. This means that in a way, AROS has become part of the official AmigaOS. This does not imply that there is any formal relation between AROS and Haage & Partner. AROS is an open source project, and anyone can use our code in their own projects provided they follow the license.
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