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Roll eyes (sarcastic)

And you think $55 is high, you should see the prices of games & PC software down here!
Average price for new release big-name titles here for Playstation 2,Gamecube,X-box etc. generally start at $90 Australian,& usually more likely to be $99. (eg: Final Fantasy X,& Resident Evil Zero.)
PC stuff usually will be slightly more moderate $60-$80.

Of course there is the cheaper Platnium range of stuff for Sony PSX 1 & 2. Usually around $40-$50.
And rereleases on PC will be around $25-$35.

But interestingly enough our Australian Competition & Consumer commision recently fought Sony over the sale of Mod chips in the courts & won allowing them to be sold & installed,arguing it was a market restriction not allowing all the US Playstion software,to be available here. Needless to say Sony is appealing...

And I needn't mention the prices of Application software & Windows,though Bill Gates manages to screw everyone the world over on it's price!
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