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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

whu? myth ?

IF you can get sysinfo to run on an 060 it cannot use the chip properly thus only about half of its used (or I should say calculated).

an 060@50 is 65 MIPs using AIBB and as Alan pointed out its 79mips@60mhz

Although Motorola's spec sheet states that the 060@66Mhz is capable of 100mips.
a 040/40 overclocked to 50mhz report 60 mips
is that real? no
040 and 060 are idem cpus....xx mhz = is the final speed which you will obtain.....from 25mhz to 80mhz
I can calculate how many mips sysinfo will reach acording to xx mhz
and the only difference between the 040 and 060 is the fpu which the 060 one is much faster...maybe the double speed of the 040
That's why some fpu'programs works much faster on a 060 vs 040
but if a program or game does not uses the FPU......a 040/50mhz will works at the speed of the 060/50mhz

idem calculation for 020 and 030 which are identical cpus and I can calculate sysinfo speed as well
yes..060 super speed it is an urban myth like the ufos
but if you believe in that..that's ok
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