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Re: Why retrogaming will decreaseā€¦

Originally posted by Tim Janssen
The Amiga was not a computer, it was a lifestyle
What a quote! I love it!

I agree with most of what you said, in fact. But much the way when I got into music when I was a kid (not only listening to the current hits, but all of the hit music from way before my time), I think there will be a nice cult of up and comers that will discover the Amiga and retrogaming experience and trip out on it. The teens and pre-teens I have showed my real Amiga to, running demos and games, were far more fascinated with it than anything they have on their current boxes. And they expressed this in no uncertain terms without my coaxing. They just need to be exposed to it. The same way I needed to be exposed to old twist records, doo wop, Billie Holiday, etc.

These kiddies probably won't get that buzz from running games and demos on an emulator right now, but they will totally respond when exposed to a real Amiga. And as the emulation improves and PC's get faster, they may tune in and turn on to the experience via emulation, as well.

The Amiga is the Beatles of computing (artistically). And look how long they have stayed in the general public's collective conscious!
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