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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
Does that mean that it will be permanently fixed or soldered?
The ACA630 goes on top of the 68000 CPU - not soldered, but pushed in place and kept from falling off by two screws. These screws don't go into regular holes, but they use two of the four slot holes that were originally designed for the harrdisk cradle, which needs to be removed. The cooler of the ACA630 serves as new harddisk cradle, but it's a lot higher than the original cradle: The computer won't close with a real harddrive installed. You will have to use a CF-card adapter (for space and heat reasons!).

Since this is kind of a permanent installation, we have one more feature on the ACA630 in the works: If we're successful, then the card can be disabled, and you can also run the A600 with it's native 68000 at about 7.1MHz. One more time: This feature is not yet tested, it may or may not be in the final version.

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