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Hmm. You now what? A few PC/Mac and console game prices are indeed priced a bit over what they cost in the halcyon days of the Amiga, SNES, Megadrive, or NES. But most are the same ($50.00 or so.)
The bloat of modern games, with the over the top advertising, multi-faceted developing regime, extra tweaks (read:junk), hi tech and demanding coding, graphics, sound, etc, seems to make one think the prices should be oer $100.00 per game. But it's not. Now, I am sure this Stuart Campbell guy can give m ean education on the development and marketing of games. But if you consider how much simpler and less demanding it was to code and package say, Turrican or Super Mario Brothers, and the $55.00 I paid for Mega-Turrican on my Megadrive, it seems the old days were a ripoff.
Read what I said carefully if you have issue with what I stated. I am not denigrating the quality of the old games. I prefer a bland Atari ST game any day over 95% of the garbage that spews forth from the sewers of gamedom nowadays.
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