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Firstly: Commodore USA
There wont be a NEW product released by CommodoreUSA - they never have and never will, they are nothing more than pomp and hot-air! The biggest irony at the moment is that they are attempting to trade on a trade mark that isn't/wasn't theirs - classic!

And now, the said trademarks are for sale?! HA! this is all such bollocks

Now, I honestly have to ask what the hell is with the black uninspired boxes?

I have seen more design from a grub worm as it makes it home in a bit of wood!

If I had submitted that for my Art exam I would of failed - miserably. Simply put "F-" dont bother trying again.

Yoz Montana

"I wonder if he knows that Commodore USA have poached his work?"

The keyboard is very atractive, but I prefer the use of a slot-loading unit - The base unit on the other hand looks like an uninspired PS3 =/

great effort would like to see more =)

Marko Hiriv

"frstly I must ask WHY this image is on their site? - it has nothing to do with them, as they are not going to make a machine like that, and I am pretty sure Marko was not consulted before his work was used."

Now, the fantasy Amiga is nothing short of amazing, every time I view it I am beset with inspiration. If ever the Natami Team want a base construct - this would the chassis I would want them to choose.

Natami Concept
The Natami one shown in this thread looks flimsy and a little cheap - but that could just be google sketchup talking

colouring would be two-tone bottom and top...

It would be awesome if they use something designed by Marko Hirov - perhaps in classic Amiga white and a second tone thats the colour of the control keys or the classic black and chrome would be nice too.
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