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Originally Posted by amigang View Post
like you lot I have been following CommodoreUSA with interest and I was a bit sadden to see these designs go to them. So I decided why not make a few of my own fantasy cases, I only work in Google Sketchup because it so easy to use, but any way I had to try and come up with a design that doesn't look like something C=USA already has just in case they moan, so here is my first attempt. PS: this is a fantasy design, which is why its got things like wifi, its in a slim case, features a track pad, has hdmi etc. just trying to show that there are more designs/different looks out their to use.

Hey there amigang,

you want to patent that design before it gets copied by CommodoreUSA The idea of the touchpad on the right hand side is awesome especially for those of us who are right handed of course. It puts that crap idea of theirs into perspective when you consider that this has been drawn with a simple program in comparison to their 3d rendered model. Whether either models would be workable is another story, but I like your design more than the other stuff that has been offered
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