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Toni Wilen
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Initial version(s) will be:

- slow, possibly really slow.
- big, very big.

Current ROM images contain everything and much more..

- some 1.x weirdness will be supported (BCPL DOS interface for example) but not 1.x bugs or any side-effects that stupid programs expect. Maybe later in some special A500-only rom build.

Early optimization = very bad.

Random notes:

No AmigaDOS program runs yet. For example DOS and Intuition is not fully m68k compatible yet. Lots of slow and boring debugging to do.. DOS is probably the worst part.

Most low level resources and drivers have been implemented, at least partially (for example trackdisk.device is currently read-only), autoconfig is working.

Boot phase is working until DOS starts which means bootblock based disks work fine (as long as they don't overwrite system structures, memory usage is of course different)
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