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You may be right. I had imagined that the numbers of 1230 cards being offered up for sale were considerably higher than say... scan doubler cards like the Indivision AGA 1200. They are in demand by more and more users due to the introduction of LCD monitors.

I was under the impression (having monitored eBay) that there was a reasonable supply of second hand 030 cards? There are 2-3 per week on UK ebay. I was thinking that supply was just slightly lower than demand, enough to push the prices up a little bit year on year. But I could be wrong... the 1230 price rises over the years may have been artificially increasing by the sellers need to recoup the cost of their 1260 cards which have spiralled in cost because it is the ultimate goal of any A1200 owner?

Just my feelings... possibly way off base?

I'm wondering if this new supply of A1200 accelerators will be eaten up by Amiga owners who do not have an accelerator? Or if it will be by those who want one for their 2nd, backup, A1200? Those which (until now) have remained in their vanilla state due to 1230's being slightly outside the impulse buy amount?

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