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Thank you very much, although Iconedit coudn't open them (perhaps I did something wrong). I used Picshow in WinUAE Amikit, renamed to png and saved as iff and info ones.
In my Amiga IconDeluxe told me that the file doesn't have Ilbm CMP Chunk. With Iconian it said Image isn't of the required type. Finally I opened the images with Multiview (till here I could see well the images) and saved them again as iff. Finally IconDeluxe could open them and save as icons that I can see, but apart that I can't use them as icons as they don't open (don't know what I must change in the information they have), they are really ugly, with very few colors.
Surely I can make the transformation better somehow, but I'm tired to try, so I will left them as they are now (ken's 2.3 icons) if I don't find ones of a previous Amikit installation without dual png.

Thanks anyway.
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