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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Got my other A1200 Set up with my Apollo 1240 28Mhz Accelerator, thought it might be interesting to post some speed results from the CF Cards.

I haven't really done any tests before so the results don't mean much to me but I would welcome comments and comparisons....

(SysSpeed Results)

A1200 (Apollo 040) Reports 19.27 Mips
Speed in BYTES/SEC (DH0 - 1,353,583) - (DH1 - 1,342,034) (SFS Formatted)

A1200 (Blizzard 030) Reports 8.56 Mips
Speed in BYTES/SEC (DH0 - 1,655,646) - (DH1 - 2,184,533) (FSS Formatted)

What other details should I add here that would be relevant to the test do you think?

The IDE read/write speed is slower with a faster accelerator?
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