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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost

Incidently, if the Amiga OS goes open source, then what is in it for the people who are developing it? Should they feed their families with idealistic visions of old school Amiga fanatics who will finally accept their hard work once it is handed over to them for no cost? So it's not free source and the users reject it, staying with M$ Windows or Apple Mac who give the customer what they ask for by making their respective OS's open source, right? And more robust, crash-free OS's as a bonus!

Having a stab at open source are we? .. Developers who work on open source in their free time do it because its their hobby/passion. Because open source developers are actually interested in what they are working on they usually do a much better job then equivalent commercial products. Having said this AmigaOS would have _a lot_ to gain if released to the open source community, anyhow that will never happen anyway.

As for Open source developers feeding their families with "idealistic visions......". Somehow I don't think so as most open source developers have a full time job, and develop for free on the side.

I'll keep an open mind about the amigaOne, but I doubt the amigaOne will ever come up with a machine that will leap frog all the current hardware as the 500 did in its day. I guess I'm too much of a retro person.
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