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Amigaboy you don't ned to be sorry, to each one its own.What they do now has nothing to do with hardware so ANY PC you have can 'become' Amiga powered. It's an OS only from now on, fer Jay's sake, so you don't need to switch hardware to get a 'new Amiga'. Wait and see if they pull it off and see what happens.

Regarding your question Maverick, I agree that you should NOT swap your PC with yoru Amiga. I'm a complete Amiga nutter, but unluckily today's market is meant for PCs and the best applications are usually found on PCs. I'd say you should keep your PC and buy an Amiga to use oldschool stuff, and some of the new stuff too... Let's take your query point by point: (long message!)

1) I dont know what you use your PC for, if you tell me what's your use I can tell you which Amiga you need. You CAN connect an SVGA monitor to your A1200 (you just need a scandoubler, that will allow you to even play old games with the SVGA, but they will look pixelly, and you can also add a CyberVision card to teh 1200). You can also tower the A1200. Today's peripherals are more aimed towards towered A1200s than A4000s, s I'd say the 1200 is the best choce, whatever you want to do. Now...

c) The AmigaOne that will be usable for perfect emulation of classics Amiga and the futur Amiga.
Akira seem that he don't like it, but it seem for me that a new powerfull Amiga is a good idea.
Maybee Akira don't believe in that dream or else he is waiting that a more serious company will make it ?
I urge you to go to Amiga's website and read about AmigaOne... Amiga Inc. does NOT make hardware anymore. AmigaOne is JUST a specification. Basically, the PC you already have meets AmigaOne specifications and goes beyond. When the new AmigaOS is available you will be able to use it. Think of AmigaOne as the old MMC standard (multimedia computer). The only thing even barely similar to hardware that is supposedly being developed is Eyetech's AmigaOne expansion board. This will be a a board to make a 1200 'AmigaOne compliant'.. By the end you supposedly wont even need the 1200.. Just read carefully. (this is what I hate the most about AMiga inc, their press releases have confused MANY people)

2) There are many asembler and C development environments. I know only two oldschool ones, Devpac for assembler, and SAS/C++ for C. Godo utilities. You will find books and doumentation online, Khephren wil surely know how to help you on this one. You can look at eBay for the ROM kernal books and other stuff.

3) Just a few. I know only clickboom ( but there's another one (who is converting Worms Armaggedon, for one)

4) Here's a few pointers for ya:

About PC hardware, yes, you can use some (a lot) of hardware on your amiag given yuo have the right expansions. It is not difficult to add new hardware, most times just a matter of installing a driver or two. AmiagOS is the most user-friendly OS I have ever used, you wont have a problem with it.

You will haev to buy OS3.5 or 3.9 sepparately. Check the shops above.

And I think I replied to most of your questions Any further help you need, just post away!
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