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Hi All,

When I do "version ram-handler" when inside the L: I get 44.23.

FYI, I have removed the ram handler argument from the setpatch line in the startup. So, it appears that the BB2 ram-handler 44.23 is being loaded from the ROM (which means that my AmigaOSROM Update file is OK).

When I put the ram-handler argument back in setpatch line in the startup, the ram-handler that gets loaded is the original 39.4 version.

Thus, summing the above two findings would lead to the conclusion that the BB3 update is not copying the new ram-handler file correctly into the L: directory?

Is that weird? I have tried several redownloads of this BB3 and numerous clean installs on WinVICE without success. Any guesses? ;-)

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