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Originally Posted by Drake1009 View Post
The PC was the fairly cheap computer to get which was upgradable. Nice cheap upgrades and at the mentioned time most PCs were considered to have a harddisk so the games could require HD installation.
You must have bought a PC late in the day like I did ( I got my first one in '97 (700) in the early days they were not cheap.
Iv'e got some ace magazines right in front of me...(Oct '91)

286/12mhz 40MB HDD, 1mb ram, mono 929 , vga 1099 (ex vat)
386SX/16mhz 40MB HDD, 1 mb ram, mono 1299, vga 1399 (ex vat)

Maybe they were cheaper elsewhere? I always had a sneaking suspicion that the U.S. paid a lot less for PC's, hence they turned to the PC earlier.
The prices in the late '80's mags iv'e got are even scarier!
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