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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
A1 and OS4 are not game consoles, so your analogy is severely flawed.

Incidently, if the Amiga OS goes open source, then what is in it for the people who are developing it? Should they feed their families with idealistic visions of old school Amiga fanatics who will finally accept their hard work once it is handed over to them for no cost? So it's not free source and the users reject it, staying with M$ Windows or Apple Mac who give the customer what they ask for by making their respective OS's open source, right? And more robust, crash-free OS's as a bonus!

Well, you can replace the consoles with such preojects as Next Step or OS/2, OK???
Same result. Disaster. No 3rd party...death of a good product.

And as for your retort regarding the remark I made concerning the open source possibilities of Amiga OS, you have a point. BUT. Tell me now, do you reallllllly expect the Amiga OS 4 to be supported to a degree that these developers can feed their families? Uh uh. Not by any stretch. If it goes open source, people will develop for it the same reason they do it now. Many programs for the Amiga now are freeware. And look at Linux. Some people actually buy it, many corporations use it as server or firewall software. People DO make money coding for it. And people DO code for it out of love or munificence. Either way in my outlook of this pitiful debacle of Amiga Inc. the developers starve their asses off.
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