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Change Dual Png icons

I've made the Amikit conversion to a real Amiga, but without graphic card.
I changed Afa_OS for IconBefast, and I have lots of things from there, including a lot of chip ram with 256 colors, but I would like to have the icons too. The ones of Amikit are Ken's 24-bits icons dual Png, but although I have installed PowerIcons, I can't see them, so I have installed Kent Icons 2.3 that look nice, but I would like to change some of them with the ones of Amikit.
I've tried with Iconian, even with Im-1.2, but I can't create or see them in my amiga, yes I know I should need a graphic card to see them, but I only want to change them to "normal" ones.

There must be a way from Amikit on WinUAE or on my amiga (I have some images as iff and Ilbm) to create the icons, perhaps a paint program that could load Ilbm or iff images, although I don't know how to make the icons later.

Or perhaps somebody has the main Amikit icons that were on version 1.2.9 of Amikit (they installed dual png on 1.3.0).

Can you tell me please?
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