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Woa! How's this for good news for those waiting for AmigaOne hardware?
That date is not valid. The dealer already confirmed in public that he's just guessing.

It's simple: Eyetech have ordered the first production run of the A1 shortly after the BIOS was finished. It will take the far-east manufacturer about four weeks to build the boards and deliver them to the UK (Eyetech). The BIOS was finished about one week ago - add four to five weeks and you'll get the date at which your preferred dealer will have the boards.

I've always heard the OS is going to be bundled with the motherboard.
It will be. But Eyetech want to sell the boards as soon as possible, so early customers will have to wait for their copy of OS4.

Now if you go back and look at the link, it says the Cyberstorm PPC version will be made available in December. This can't be the same one that runs on the AmigaOne can it? I think it's a seperate release altogether.
It's not the same version. The HAL of the Cyberstorm/BlizzPPC version will (obviously) be specificly supporting classic Amiga machines.

I think it may have something to do with the AmigaBIOS hack Hyperion implemented for piracy. Perhaps they're fine tuning a way to make OS 4 unique to the install on Cyberstorm and Blizzard systems you mentioned.
Please stop spreading FUD like this. The BIOS is no "hack", it's a (heavily improved) port of PPCBoot. PPCBoot is GPLed, so coders all over the world will be able to have a close look at Hyperion's changes (and if one of them shouts "hack!" you may come back and complain).

The dongle code which is used as an anti-piracy measure will be in the same ROM, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the BIOS.

And (that was already stated months ago) the Cyberstorm/Blizzard version will require the presence of a real Kickstart ROM, they won't run on anything else than Classic machines. No need to "fine tune" anything.

I'll be placing my order for one only if I can get the development tools CD
The dev tools will be available for free. No need to buy a CD.

I've been debating about getting a Pegasoso motherboard instead since it has more features and dev tools are readily available.
Bla bla.


Well, it does seem to be coming together at last. Not much point buying one right away though - the 'expected date' of OS4 is two months later!
Eyetech will sell the boards with Linux and an OS4 voucher first. AmigaOS4 will be delivered as soon as it's finished.

Can a techy peep explain why there are different flavours of OS4 for Cyberstorm and Blizzard PPC, please?
The only difference will be the SCSI driver and the "bootstrap" code. A BlizzardPPC has various libraries in the FlashROM (the famous "anti-WarpUp measures"), it's a bit tricky (but neccessary) to get rid of them before booting OS4.


An OS is worthless without software and 3rd party support.
The fact that you're worrying about software support tells me that you now believe in OS4? Welcome aboard </sarcasm>

For software support, check or go to your preferred dealer's website.

Is there a reliable website or listing, for pete's sake, referring to these?
There's no website dedicated to OS4 software. But I could list some titles and post links if there's interest. It would help if interested persons state if they're familiar with software currently available (i.e. if they're only interested in new OS4 specific titles) and what kind of software they're interested in.
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