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Originally Posted by deicidal View Post
Great pics there Fitzsteve sorry i didnt get chance to say hello. Glad none of your equipment went missing though your amibay bunch always had plenty of people there it was some of the other stands i was thinking oh dear I bet they will be going home lighter, sad I know. As for the using the mouse mat as a coaster, one of the few things that can send into a complete rage.
Hey mate, no worries it was difficault to get to say Hi to everyone! Thanks for the Kudos on the pics.

All in all it was a great event, as you say some of the stalls were un-manned, lots of loose game carts and such that could have gone walkies, best thing abiout the Amiga's and WHDLoad is no games to go missing and as you say we usually had people at the stand, and with £500 PPC cards under the desk lol...

Maybe we'll chat next time

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