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Originally posted by Frederic
Always well spoken. My agenda in re: Amiga is: Let it go open source. After this debacle, let it go into your hands, Twist. The Linux community may be much bigger, but I have never seen dedication and fanaticism as I have seen from Amiga OS people. It will be in good hands.
I also make a valid point to bring the attack up. What if before the impending launch of a console, there were no or a scant few titles announced? Take for example the half assed way 3DO or Atari Jaguar was handled. I find a striking similarity to the way Amiga (St)Inc has botched the whole thing up. And Atari and Trip Hawkins were far better backed and organized than Amiga (St)Inc. I mean, what the hell is the incentive for a typical Amigan to spend 600-800 bucks [very few if any non- Amigans would buy this machine, for the aformentioned reasons especially]??
As a educated techie , fanatic, or nonchalant newbie consumer, why would I do this ??
Well, we're talking apples and oranges here. You're comparing A1 to consoles. The standalone edutainment console (ie, 3DO, CDTV, CDi) was a nice concept, but nobody wanted one, and thus they failed. The Jaguar had a host of problems: Atari's name was tainted from years of being attached to the ST, the 64-bit lie, Jack Tramiel's mismanagement, packaged with a crap game if you can even call it a game (Cybermorph) followed by equally underwhelming games, and competition by real players who'd reinvented the video game console scene.

A1 and OS4 are not game consoles, so your analogy is severely flawed. And whilst the aforementioned systems were financially better backed, you can't even claim the original Amiga dream team had any type of reasonable financial backing, yet the Amiga systems enjoyed a flourishing success in the 80's and 90's. Throwing money at a product will not make it quality, nor popular with the finicky general public. It seems neither Hawkins nor Tramiel knew this. Even Gates can't always throw money at shit and expect the brown to turn green (so he resorts to his typical bullying tactics instead...)

Incidently, if the Amiga OS goes open source, then what is in it for the people who are developing it? Should they feed their families with idealistic visions of old school Amiga fanatics who will finally accept their hard work once it is handed over to them for no cost? So it's not free source and the users reject it, staying with M$ Windows or Apple Mac who give the customer what they ask for by making their respective OS's open source, right? And more robust, crash-free OS's as a bonus!

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