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Originally Posted by Fabie View Post
a first personshooter game that runs at 12fps is not playlabe in any form
In 1994, I was playing Doom on a 386-50Mhz CPU, which barely made it over the 10fps mark in Low Detail Mode. Most people played Doom that way back then.

to be playlable and enyoylable and smooth Doom needs at least 45-50 fps
Just too bad that the Doom engine doesn't allow higher framerates than 35fps (or half the refresh of a VGA 320x200 mode).

and none amiga Turboboard reach that framerate ...
If we ignore the fact that Doom actually can't run higher than 35fps: the PPC version on my Blizzard PPC runs at exactly that maximum frame rate. On AGA. So wrong again.

for me it is nonsense comparing turboboards with Doom on Amiga
the best way to play Doom is doomsday port for windows....that's is really nice
Well, then what are you doing here? You obviously have no interest in classic computing, which is about collecting and maintaining our beloved babies. If you replace the engine of your classic car with a brand new, custom made replacement part, you want to make sure that it gives you at least comparable results, if not better.

Anyone can buy an el-cheapo PC and claim: Doom runs better on it. That's hardly the point. The point is that we offer brand new 68030 turboboards, which are affordable, compatible, have lots of memory and even improve performance compared to the models which were available back then. How fast can we make a turboboard without breaking compatibility? One practical answer is: to whip the 68030.

If you question that, then you can question your hobby, the scene, almost anything being discussed here.

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