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Got my other A1200 Set up with my Apollo 1240 28Mhz Accelerator, thought it might be interesting to post some speed results from the CF Cards.

I haven't really done any tests before so the results don't mean much to me but I would welcome comments and comparisons....

(SysSpeed Results)

A1200 (Apollo 040) Reports 19.27 Mips
Speed in BYTES/SEC (DH0 - 1,353,583) - (DH1 - 1,342,034) (SFS Formatted)

A1200 (Blizzard 030) Reports 8.56 Mips
Speed in BYTES/SEC (DH0 - 1,655,646) - (DH1 - 2,184,533) (FFS Formatted)

What other details should I add here that would be relevant to the test do you think?

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