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Originally posted by blackcornflake
Well, it does seem to be coming together at last. Not much point buying one right away though - the 'expected date' of OS4 is two months later!

Can a techy peep explain why there are different flavours of OS4 for Cyberstorm and Blizzard PPC, please?

P.S. Denmark? Germany, surely.
I've always heard the OS is going to be bundled with the motherboard. Now if you go back and look at the link, it says the Cyberstorm PPC version will be made available in December. This can't be the same one that runs on the AmigaOne can it? I think it's a seperate release altogether.
I know the AmigaOne may just wither away and die, but I am only intrigued by from the aspect of being able to code on the platform with some of the same tools I now use for OS X and Linux.
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