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Always well spoken. My agenda in re: Amiga is: Let it go open source. After this debacle, let it go into your hands, Twist. The Linux community may be much bigger, but I have never seen dedication and fanaticism as I have seen from Amiga OS people. It will be in good hands.
I also make a valid point to bring the attack up. What if before the impending launch of a console, there were no or a scant few titles announced? Take for example the half assed way 3DO or Atari Jaguar was handled. I find a striking similarity to the way Amiga (St)Inc has botched the whole thing up. And Atari and Trip Hawkins were far better backed and organized than Amiga (St)Inc. I mean, what the hell is the incentive for a typical Amigan to spend 600-800 bucks [very few if any non- Amigans would buy this machine, for the aformentioned reasons especially]??
As a educated techie , fanatic, or nonchalant newbie consumer, why would I do this ??
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