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Aros m68k (Kickstart substitute)

Jason McMullan and Toni Wilen have been working together to complete the AROS kickstart replacement bounties! The details of which are oulined below.

Phase 1:
  1. Bring The m68k compile of AROS back out of unmaintained.
  2. Must initially work from whatever means is possible so long as the build is going again, and the codebase is brought upto date with the changes in the x86 native/hosted flavours. (ie you could use some command in amigaos to bootstrap aros or similar)
  3. Initially binary compatability isnt needed with amigaos (not until atleast you can get the thing working again)
  4. Must compile the main components of AROS (read AROS main cvs branch), and optionaly allow other components to compile.
  5. Proof of bounty.
Phase 2:
  1. Improve on the Phase 1 bounty by changing the AROS compile to generate binary compatable files with AmigaOS.
  2. Change the build system to create an amiga like ROM image which MUST be suitable to flash to a real ROM.
  3. Create a base ROM image using the affore mentioned changes that can be used via UAE or kickstart replacement tools on AmigaOS.
  4. Proof of bounty completed being UAE/AmigaOS booting from the ROM - Launching Wanderer and some test applications - with a screen capture again provided from Michals tool.
Jason appears to be working towards making AROS useful for the NATAMI team. While Toni obviously has Free kickstart ROM for WinUAE in his sights!

They have been busy on the AROS Dev mailing lists (requires registration) if you like to follow there.

Progress updates can also be followed here! Including latest ROM built and some nice screenshots!! And also being relayed on

Fist game booting using AROS!!

First trackdisk-loader ADF that was able to run on AROS M68K is:

EXILE! ... 010:_AROS_.28no_KS.29_ROM

Screenshot and AROS ROM image available. As always, A1200 'stock' configuration.

NOTE: This will *NOT* load any 'standard' DOS loading ADFs, only ones which have
custom non-DOS bootloaders.
Surprised no-one has mentioned this on EAB yet, so here you go!
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