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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
On boot I have 1.716.400 chip RAM left when the CF2PCMCIA adapter is inserted with a CF card
I don't know nothing about A600 and WB 3.1, but I have an A1200 and I've been concerned about Chipram, so I'm using Fblit, Ftext, WBControl, SimpleGels and the best of all CyberbugFixAga under OS3.9 boingbagged 2 and Dopus (Amikit on real Amiga) and when I open the pcmcia (1GB, full of things) the graphics memory is 1717864. With it closed it's 1753760; all using Ken's icons 2.4 and 256 colors instead of 2 !!!!!

Search if any of those patches will fit your 3.1, I don't know if any..., but you have to get more chip ram I believe !
I've just installed mathpatch, but there's no difference in chipram although I find it faster.

Ah, my HDD buffers are 100, but as I tell you I don't know about A600, I don't know if I help or on the contrary.

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